Gripped Glue


  • 1x Our Watermelon Gripped Glue 40ml
  • 1x Our Watermelon Scalp & Skin Protector 100ml
Watermelon Gripped Glue has been formulated to give a stronger hold and can withstand high humidity and heavy perspiration as well as being waterproof under most conditions.

Watermelon scented

This glue is not recommended for sensitive skin.

• Contains No Latex
• Non- Toxic
• Water Based Copolymer
• Full Head Skin Bond
• For Poly & Lace Units

Apply 4 thin layers of gripped glue to skin only, keeping the same consistency with each coat. Allow to dry until clear before applying the next layer and attaching the hair unit. Secure hair in place using our gripped headband and allow to set for 24-48 hours.


Always patch test before use
Our Watermelon Scalp & Skin Protector
This formula has been cooking for a while and has been designed with all of our customers in mind.
This new product not only protects your scalp and skin from the effects regular bonding can have. This formula also ensures the scalp & skins natural oils and perspiration are kept under control, to provide the ultimate bond.
  • Creates Barrier For Bonding 
  • Antiperspirant
  • Controls Natural  Oils
  • Provides Stronger Bond

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