Golds Limelight

Chebe, Vanilla and Avocado Hair Oil


Chebe, vanilla, and avocado oil is a powerful oil, made from organic ingredients. Chebe is the star ingredient which is a powerful old african secret that encourages hair length retention while fighting against hair breakage.

We use organic ingredients as we want only the best for your precious scalp and hair. 

Active ingredients

- avocado oil which stimulates growth and feeds dry hair with moisturising monounsaturated fats 

 - ginger essential oil is a natural antiseptic that encourages a healthy scalp.

- vanilla infused grapeseed oil which is super light and is a brilliant deterrent for split ends. 

How to use  

 -moisturise your scalp while wearing protective styles (wigs/cornrows or braids)-after using a moisturiser, seal with this oil to lock in the hydration

-massage your edges with a few drops to stimulate  growth

-as hot oil treatment this oil is fantastic to steam hair with




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