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Chebe, Plantain and Mango Braiding Butter



Chebe, mango and plantain braiding butter is a rich, conditioning hair pomade that helps create smoother braid & twist styles.

The conditioning formula masks hair from  breakage and splits on the hair shaft

Chebe powder is an age old african secret originating from chad that is effective against breakage and promotes length retention.

From cornrows under wigs to senegalese twists to triangle part braids, this growth encouraging mixture is perfect for such styles.

Our braiding butter is also full of other nutritious ingredients such as delicious mango butter providing softness and hydration, plantain leaves steeped in virgin coconut oil providing your scalp with anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties while our exclusive ucuuba butter is rich in fats that nourish your hair and encourage elasticity.

How to use

Use a small amount while braiding or twisting.

Ensure every strand is coated.

Can be used on wet or dry hair.


Mango butter, plantain leaf infused coconut oil, chebe, ubuuca butter, castor oil, ginger oil, soy wax, fragrance

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