Axellia London: How it all started

Many ideas are birthed out of frustration and this is no different. Just imagine, scrolling through social media and coming across a number of products you want to purchase but having to pay different shipping rates because they are sold on different platforms? We found that there were very few online retail stores that were actively growing with the trends of the hair and grooming industry. It is ever evolving and we are excited that many independent brands especially those that sell products that cater to black hair and grooming have emerged in recent times.

These brands are at the forefront of the industry because they have created innovative products that people actually want and need. These products tackle the numerous challenges faced by the black hair and grooming industry.

These products are varied – there are Lace tints, Hot combs, Lace adhesives, Wig bags , Beard oils and so much more. Unfortunately, these products that we know and love can’t always be found on major retail platforms. However, Axellia London offers a major solution. Axellia London is an online marketplace that brings all of your favourite brand products such as the Papachichistyle Pink Hot comb and well known brands such as Wella together on one centralised platform.

This means one online store, one delivery fee, one website visit, one transaction and most importantly, less stress for you!

We are two friends with different skill sets - one of us is currently working in Finance but has an obsession with the hair industry and the other is a serial entrepreneur focused on brand partnerships and project management. Our skills have helped us to work collaboratively to bring Axellia London to life. From the beginning of our journey, we have been intentional about partnering with some amazing brands, ESPECIALLY black owned brands and we have promoted our partnerships across all of our social media platforms.

We all need to consistently support them! We believe one way to provide consistent support is to have all of these amazing brands and products in one place where their visibility and accessibility has the potential to go beyond social media.

We want to partner with even more brands to help make your haircare and grooming shopping as stress free as possible! We would love to work with as many brands as possible so please do not hesitate to send your suggestions and ideas to We look forward to hearing from you!  


Anthonia and Harold,

Co-Founders of Axellia London